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hello everyone, i am an undergraduate student at ACT (American College of Thessaloniki) majoring in management and finance. through this blog i will try to communicate with you in a better way. i will be posting material relevant to our ecology course and try to engage your interest as much as possible.

Demographic Analysis

   Working Partners: Agistrioti Iris, Feiran Yang  Purpose: The purpose of this post is to introduce some examples of                        “Demographic Data Analysis”, show how analysis should be done involving specific mathematical models to use as tools, and further on perform … Continue reading

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The careta careta sea turtle

The purpose of this post is foremost informative where in second scale aims to create critical thoughts about the extinction of the species of careta careta as well as to encourage active response not only to this specific species’ threat … Continue reading

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Ecological footprint of diet

What is your diet in terms of ecologically equivalent calories? How does this compare to the diets of other animals? This assignment serves the purpose of helping you understand how each one’s diet reflects the diet of other living beings … Continue reading

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Meerkat’s Thermoregulation

Do you remember “Timon”?             The species I decided to write about is the Meerkat (like my user-name in wordpress). Meerkat is a small animal that lives in the Kalahari desert of Africa and the most famous Meerkat is “Timon”, … Continue reading

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Water scarcity

          PART B. 1. Have you ever water scarcity, such as drought?       Luckily, I have never experienced a real drought period to the extent of water scarcity however, a short experience of mine can make … Continue reading

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Water reservoirs, global warming and human influence on Rivers

How will global warming affect the proportion of the earth’s water that resides in the oceans?          Global warming has a direct impact on the water of the oceans. Global warming means rise of temperature and rise of temperature melts the … Continue reading

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relevant to last lecture!

hello guys! i have publist a post on a tribe in Africa which is threatened to be extinct! these people actually live in the heart of a rain forest and a paper company has started cutting off trees. -relevant to … Continue reading

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